1 million +
Grateful and
happy users
Won first prize for the Best Learning Software for Kids
5 million +
More than five million licensed copies sold
A success story for 20 years
Fritz & Chesster is a game that has sparked a lifelong love of chess in more than a million young children.
5 languages
Translated into multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, French and Russian

What does the child get?

When you buy your child Fritz & Chesster, you invest in their early development and future skills, all while giving them something fun to play.

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Bryton Ajustable Color Negro Soporte de Bicicleta para c/ámara Deportiva Go Pro Garmin Edge TrustFire Azul y Rojo

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The joy of a child is in your hands.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just downloaded Fritz & Chesster. Why is nothing moving?
The aim of the game is to search for hidden objects, which will reveal new sublevels and exciting hidden functions. To get started, click on different parts of the image to find the objects.
Only the first part of Fritz & Chesster is available, and only on iOS. Are you planning to make the other parts available across different platforms (including Android)?
We are! However, porting subsequent levels to new platforms is a long and expensive process. So, we are launching a Kickstarter project to help us raise funds! To support us (and get an exclusive discount), you can register here.
I downloaded the app to my iPhone/iPad, but the sound doesn’t work. Is there a problem?
There shouldn’t be a problem. To turn the sound on, disable the mute function in your phone’s settings menu. Please note that this may not enable all sounds.
Why can’t I get into the Intelligym?
It’s likely you missed out a minigame at the warmup level. Click on the map icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and the minigame you missed will be in black and white.
Complete all minigames on the map (preferably in order) and return to the Intelligym entrance.
I can’t complete the minigame with the horses. Is there a mistake?
There is no mistake. All barriers in the game must be overcome in the order shown, which you can do by jumping over the middle of the barrier.
Try different ways of passing the game and, if it still doesn’t work, write to us.
I didn’t find my question here. What should I do?
Email us about your problem at support@lemi-consulting.com.
The list of hidden objects in the order of their appearance in the frames of the program "Fritz and Chesster" App/Online
1 - scepter and painting in the throne room
2 - statue of the white king, doves
3 - the top of the volcano - the mini-game "Sumo" starts
4 - First and second towers
5 - The doors to the tower - the "Spiders" mini-game starts
6 - mouse cage, trap, black castle doors
7 - factory - the mini-game "Toilets" starts (which starts if you pull the string)
8 - tree branches, mouse under the bridge, castle
9 - gate - the mini-game "Collecting flowers" starts
10 - cows, bird, mouse
11 - the eyes of horses, a barrier - the mini-eagle "horse riding" starts (which starts if you click on the horse in the lower right corner)
12 - an index stone - the mini game "Pawn Training" starts (to listen to the rules, press the bottom of the house in the order of numbering)
13 - no hidden objects
14 - end of warm-up.

The gate is a transition to the Chess Hall training center. It opens if all 6 mini-games from the warm-up are played at least once. Unfinished games are shown on the map in black and white. The transition to the map is carried out through the crown icon in the upper right corner.


Chess hall
15.1 - door to the mouse hole
15.2 - tennis racket, rings
15.3 - cabinet on the wall
15.4 - crown - the game "Training of Kings" starts
15.5 - punching bag - the game "Rook Training" starts
16.1 - window - the game "Training for pawns" starts
16.2 - toilet bowl - the game "Bishop training" starts
16.3 - Statue of Liberty - the game "Queen training" starts
16.4 - toy horse - the game "training for horses" starts
16.5 - football field
17.1 - photo of the black king
17.2 - frog
17.3 - side with number 1 - the game "start position" starts
18.1 - window - the game "Step mate" starts
18.2 - leaf on the wall - Draw explanation
18.3 - lifebuoy, inflatable dolphin, duck
18.4 - fan - the game "Castling" starts
18.5 - grate in the floor - the game "Checkmate" starts
19.1 - boxing gloves
19.2 - punching bag - the game "Speed Fight" starts
19.3 - pedestal
19.4 - the king on the bicycle - the game "checkmate problems" starts
20.1 - lamp
20.2 - leaf on the wall
20.3 - vending machine - the game "Slot machine" starts (if all the previous games are played, then one victory is enough here and you can go to the control weighing)

What is Fritz & Chesster?

Fritz & Chesster is a series of introductory chess programs for kids aged three and up.
About the Program
The first desktop version of Fritz & Chesster was released in 2002 in Germany, with the original name Fritz & Fertig. Since then, it has captured the imaginations of millions of children and won international awards.
About Us
We are parents and chess enthusiasts, whose kids have come to love chess, too, thanks to the original Fritz & Chesster game. Since we have seen first-hand the positive impact that Fritz & Chesster can have on a child’s development, we decided to bring the program into the modern day. By transporting it to digital devices, we’re hoping to make Fritz & Chesster available to new generations of children.
Benefits for Children
Fritz & Chesster won’t just keep your child occupied. It will also help them to develop crucial skills and could reveal hidden talents at a young age. After just a few weeks, your child will have learned all the rules of chess, including pawn moves, castling rules, stalemate, and more, and will even start to understand the strategies and tactics involved!
01 / 05
01 / 05
"I want more! Works exactly like the PC version I had for my kids. Perfect for children starting to learn how to play chess. One problem remains: WHEN IS FRITZ AND CHESSTER 2 being released?!? My son is done and wants more!"
"Awesome I had Fritz and Chester pt. II when I was younger as a computer game and I loved it, I really hope y’all come out with chess in the black castle on the App Store bc I would love to play it. This game settled my desire to play the second one for a little tho"
"Excellent game for young players! We have had this game for less than a week, and like a previous review, my 8 year-old daughter absolutely loves it. The school my daughter is attending this fall requires all of the children to play chess for 30 minutes or so prior to instruction. I was a little nervous of how to possibly teach her, since I have only played sparingly throughout my life. I know the basic moves, and not much more. Not ever touching a chess piece before, she learned all of the basics of the game in less than 2 days. She played for several hours at a time, and it was hard to get her off the computer."
P. Zack
"Great Program that could use an update. The program introduces chess in a stepwise fashion within the framework of a story involving protagonists (Fritz, Chesster, and Bianca) and their rival the King Black. At each stage, learning is reinforced with a series of rewards and intermediate goals. These rewards keep children enthusiastic and motivated through what can be a very lengthy learning process."
Super fun and helpful
"Many of the reviews claim to have had a lot of problems. I experienced none of those problems. It’s a great game! I used to play it when I was younger and recently redownloaded it for nostalgic purposes. It’s just like I remembered it! Amazingggg"
Daughter spends quality time
"Daughter spends quality time on this learning software. She learns without realizing she is learning. She has worked her way through parts one thru three. Won a few chess competitions."
01 / 05


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Chess is one of the most difficult board games there is. Challenge your child’s brain in a way that’s fun for them, and watch them develop crucial life skills way ahead of time.MORE